Have Fun. Build Teamwork. Play Pool.

When employees participate in fun, recreational and team building activities outside of the workplace, it can build morale and camaraderie, promote teamwork and corporate networking amongst coworkers, and give coworkers a chance to relax and talk outside of work. The American Poolplayers Association (APA) can do just that, at no cost to your company. Over 43 million people play pool each year – and your employees, coworkers, family and friends can be amongst them!
Here's some of what the APA offers to your employees… 
  • Be a part of the world’s largest pool league.
  • APA guarantees over $2 Million in prize funds for the individuals and teams that win a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the World Championships.
  • Anyone can participate, because APA uses a handicapping system that allows for fair competition. Everyone can enjoy regardless of age, physical limitations or athletic ability.
  • APA’s $25 annual membership fee includes a complimentary annual subscription to The American Poolplayer Magazine, discounts to national retailers, and the fun and excitement of playing league. Corporate membership discounts are available if 6 or more teams of family, friends or coworkers originate from the same employer.
  • You receive professionally designed posters, fliers, brochures, and sign-up sheets for the office, employee lounge, cafeteria or other public areas.
  • You have no additional paperwork! The APA League Operator will handle all the scheduling, maintaining records, handicaps, purchasing awards, and direct contact with teams.
  • Employees participating in pool league costs your company nothing!!!

“The best reason to have an APA League is for the social enjoyment that’s shared by fellow employees. It promotes teamwork and corporate networking. Employees are introduced to fellow coworkers they wouldn’t normally meet. Being a Team Captain enhances leadership and organizational skills that can be applied directly to one’s job.”
 Donna Reynolds, Ross Products Division/Abbott Laboratories, Columbus OH
If you are interested in seeing the positive results of teamwork, morale and camaraderie amongst coworkers, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me directly and/or click below for additional information on our Corporate Program.


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